Friday, July 3, 2009

our great escape

if you want to watch the really long long long slide show of our trip click on the photo
it will take you to a web site and you can watch...
We stayed the first nite right across from the Mariner stadium at a great hotel that was just $70 on Priceline. .....
Then we were off
a day at sea
Hubbard Glacier (we were within 250 ft)
Juneau (where we went whale watching)
another day at sea
and then Seattle
we pricelined another hotel and stayed at the Westin for just $85!!!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

just stuff

this time change is kicking my hinny
i just want to stay in bed, maybe 'cause it snowed
the poor queen has an infection in her tattoo, it looks nasty
thanks to cori for working Sunday, and for Amanda working tomorrow
randi jo working Friday.... woohoo, we wouldn't make it without you all

so.. quick I don't want to talk about it but need too update
mike thinks he is ready to come home

Thursday, February 26, 2009

caught off guard

OMG! OMG! Once again someone has come to my "blog" aka living room uninvited. This time its someone from Mike's hospital. On 2/12 I posted some random thoughts and mentioned how I hated going to his hospital, etc etc. Well last nite, someone from his hospital spent 45 mins on my blog and then chose to comment.
On so many levels I am not okay with this. I participate in this blog program called Entrecard and people swing by my blog and click on a widget, you earn "monopoly money" and then buy ad space on other peoples blogs. I mainly am trying this out to get more info out about the and how we are going to be a distributor for the wood items we sell. I surely don't mind the 100 people a day that come by to do this, its marketing. What I do mind is someone who would spend their evening reading my stories and then make an offhanded comment. The comment related too how much I hate the hospital and that staff, this is because they are horrible awful people in my mind and they are mean. Their comment said.... do you ever think they are just afraid of you as you are of them"
I am NOT AFRAID. I am very upfront how I feel about them. I hate them. Someone took the time to "google" my name and come to my blog and then to comment. This isn't your typical stalker this is wrong. It was purposeful and I don't get it.
I simply don't lead an interesting enough life for random people to google me. for the love of everything good.....

Thursday, February 19, 2009

checking in

I read a blog every morning and so far 4million others have read it too. okay, I was happy to see that 100 or so read my reg blog each day. but 4 million, WTF?

Savannah went to the back doctor today, James took her, God bless James. 2 hours in the exam room he then saw her for 4 mins and sent her on her way. Now she goes a spine specialist, she is not healing, he doesn't know why. My choice is Seattle to the dance institute/u of W, that is his choice too but we have a really good doctor in Bellevue we trust. she is 17 and not having back surgery if I can help it. you know?

my folks are leaving for Maui tomorrow and I am sick to my stomach

savan and I might go to cd'alene this weekend to watch a gymnastics meet but on the other hand I might just stay in bed with the covers over my head. I am feeling that great.

mike just hung up on my on the phone. isn't that special?

speaking of Special, she was the dog that was always at Bob's tropical fish. she died. how sad

There was not enough diet coke in my life to make it thru this week. work was hell, I mean hell and its not over.

a customer came in last nite and asked me when we were going to be getting in new stuff, I was thinking hello? 12 boxes last week isn't that enough???? who are these people?

my friend Erica is moving back. I am so excited and so nervous for her, she is getting divorced
I wish I was that brave.

The sun needs to shine more, don't you think? do you'al twitter? I love Twitter. I think its fun to catch a snipet of what people are doing in their day and its not blocked at my work. teehee!

Thursday, January 22, 2009

for the love of all that is good

...remember this is my vent blog... i say what I want here....
check out my other blog.. the post a few down...from Sunday the 18th
my kids bio mom choose to comment.
how did she ever find my blog?
and why on earth did she choose to comment?
Jake is the one who left us
they NEVER answer their phone
I want to swear and jump up and down and scream.

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

a wish

Today, I wish for you an ordinary day of miracles...
An unexpected phone call from an old friend,
Green traffic lights on your way to work,
A good sing-along on the radio,
Your keys right where you left them.
I wish for you a day of happiness and perfection...
Little bite-size pieces of perfection that give you the funny feeling
that SOMEONE is smiling on you,
and holding you so gently because
you are someone special and rare.
I wish you a day of Peace, Happiness and Joy.

Saturday, December 27, 2008

things I will probably never understand

I will never understand the doctor's at mike's hospital
i will probably never understand why mike feels the need to cut
i will probably not understand the dark side of depression
i will never fully understand that there is going to be sunshine on the other side of this pain

i will not really get the culture of the indian tribes around us and their sense of entitlement
i won't fully understand why people use drugs like meth and cocaine
i won't understand why some couples have 5 kids and some none

i will probably not come close to understanding why people are mean and uncaring
or why people are just not helpful when there is a need.

i will somehow continue to learn and grow and seek... I will hold tight to Jesus and those around me.....